Intuitive mechanisms Volume 1


A simple and effective method for teaching piano to children

This method, intended for children from 4 years old and up, allows the teacher to reinforce his educational program with an intuitive approach of the instrument and the music.


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GM Institute trains from a young age, creative fulfilled, musicians, who can play great classics of the piano repertoire, improvise and compose musical works.


This progressive and fun book offers new innovative tools to piano teachers. Its methodology is based on the principle of short activities, routines and games.



We are promoting autonomy, fulfillment, achievement, empowerment, personal development, playfulness and creativity.

The piano method ‘’Intuitive Mechanisms’’ method is suitable for children from 4 years old and up. Through its progressive and playful program, the teacher keeps students motivated to learn the basics of music by giving them results in each lesson. Students enjoy learning and develop a true passion for music.


✅ Colouring the notes
32 gradual games on finding notes in treble clef and bass clef.
✅ Sharpening the hands
32 gradual games on the C position, arpeggio and scale.
✅ Developing your logic
32 gradual games on relative reading with unisons and seconds.
✅ Learning repertoire
32 children songs with accompaniment and lyrics.
✅ Hearing the notes
32 gradual games on internal hearing on the C position and chord.
✅ Discovering the vocabulary
32 chapters introducing 12 basic musical vocabularies.
✅ Clapping the rhythm
32 gradual games on rhythm for pianists in quarter notes and half notes.
✅ Transcribing the sounds
32 gradual games on dictation in the C position in treble clef and bass clef
✅ Writing the music
32 gradual games on writing music.
✅ Understanding the score
32 gradual games on finding and coloring elements learnt in the vocabulary section.


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